Schematic Cannes Touch screen

This new giant touch wall installation from Schematic for the 2009 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival has blown my mind. The interactive screen is multi-touch and multi-user capable and can even authenticate users via their Cannes RFID badges. The above video features Trevor Kaufman CEO of Schematic and other employees talking you through the many innovative features.

The list of future uses for this type of technology could be incredible e.g. city info boards, cinema tickets and review boards, University timetables/projects/maps, airport info/tickets, instant social networking boards, etc etc (feel free to ad any you think of in the comments)

Key features of the Schematic Cannes board:

  • Interactive maps
  • RFID badge recognition
  • Schedules
  • Share contact details
  • Find people
  • Get Info & reviews on local bars/restaurants

Click here to download the Schematic touch wall press release



On another note the Schematic website is in my mind amasingly fantastic, just the right balance between design, innovation and ease of use. Click here to check it out for yourself. 


What an incredible company !





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