Mercedes Benz ad for Attention Assist

Haven’t managed to see much stunning stuff out in the last few days but this little beauty did catch my attention. Is a great ad for the new Mercedes Attention Assist technology now available for the new E-class.

The Merc press release says:

“Thanks to an innovative technology, the new E-Class is very sensitive to its driver’s attention level, and warns him or her of drowsiness in good time. This new ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness detection system, which is standard equipment, is equipped with highly sensitive sensors that continuously monitor more than 70 different parameters. Observing the driver’s steering behaviour has proved to be a particularly strong indicator: several years of practical research by Mercedes engineers have shown that drowsy drivers make minor steering errors which they often correct very rapidly in characteristic ways. These corrections are recognised by a highly sensitive steering angle sensor, If required, it emits a visual and audible warning”

Great work from Jung von Matt/Alster Hamburg


Adman at Ogilvy

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