Sony: Bravia-drome ad

Just found this Jem of work from Fallon UK for Sony’s new Bravia 200hz Motionflow technology.

Basically large LCD screens are normally not great at showing sports games or anything with fast motion as they can’t refresh the screen image quick enough, but with Bravia Motionflow they now can. To demonstrate this new technology Fallon got Sony to build the largest Zoetrope in the world (they even got it into the Guinness book of records).

The music used is from Kasabian and the track is called Underdog.

They erected it in the town of Venaria, near Turin, Italy and managed to get FIFA World Player of the Year and AC Milan soccer legend Kaká present at the unveiling. Still images of him performing his signature moves had been placed inside the BRAVIA-drome.

The ad will air worldwide soon so keep a look out for it. UK Digital agency Dare then created a great WordPress blog for the campaign integrating Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia. Go have a look by clicking here, its pretty slick and nice to see the guys and girls are even updating it often.

(Dare are also the chaps behind the great Sony Ericsson Xperia online campain)


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