Microsoft help to rock the CT 27 dinner


This Friday will see the return of the first Cape Town 27 Dinner for 2009

As opposed to the normal speaking routine we have a little treat in for attendees this month. Microsoft will be coming to the party and will give a talk on some of the most innovative and exiting projects they are up to at the moment such as Silverlight, Windows 7 and Surface, etc. After the talks we are going to have a bit of a Guitar hero Xbox360 jamming competition to see who can rock the Mother city bowl the hardest. Prizes will be given out to the winners (Hat tip to Microsoft) and as always wine will be there by Stormhoek.

The venue we have secured is called Doppio Zero in Mandela Rhodes place (Map Below) and the evening will start at 6.30pm, places are limited and we already are near capacity, but if you’re keen go to to sign up and be sure to join the Facebook group too for future updates or if you prefer your messages within a 140 character limit  follow us on Twitter at @27Dinner.


P.S If you don’t know what 27 dinners are they are basically a gathering on the 27th of every month alternating between Cape Town and Joburg of SA’s young brightest and best minds in Tech, Media and business. There are usually 2-3 speakers talking about new/interesting projects and its a great place to network and get to know all the best looking people in South Africa !


Adman at Ogilvy

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