27 Dinner v6 goes down a Storm(hoek)

Last night saw in another great 27 dinner eve, complete with lots of Stormhoek social lubricant.

For those few that don’t already know what the 27 dinners are about, its basically a social gathering of South Africa’s greatest entrepreneurial minds, and a chance for them to network, listen to informative speeches, socialise, have a good time and drink Stormhoek etc.(for more info go to the 27 dinner wiki)

Last night as you can see from the pictures above, we had a huge turnout and the kind folks from Charly’s bakery even gave us all free tasty cup cakes complete with the names of relevant companies iced on the top of the cakes (see the Stormhoek pic above). Not only that but Wine Magazine handed out copies of the best wine mag in the world (yes I’m biased), Zoopy gave away a sony camcorder and offered up 3 video ipods for people that post the most pics on their site, and Stormhoek let everyone present be amongst the first in the world to try out our pre-release new drink concept called Couture.

Their was an interesting talk done by a new company called Yeigo who have a great new application made for mobile phones that allows you to make cheap calls, chat and send SMSs to anyone, anywhere in the world quickly and easily, and is compatible with GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo, skype etc. For more info go to their nice website.

All in all another fab eve and big shout out to Sir Dave Duarte for pulling it off in style yet again. Also big love to the Cape Town Hotel School for hosting the venue. See you at the next one.



Adman at Ogilvy


  1. Sir Dave Duarte. It hasn’t been officially announced yet!

  2. Thanks for the great lubrication provided! It was a great evening.

  3. Thank you for helping to put together such a splendid evening dear chap.

  4. Cheers guys and look forward to having a few more bottles at the next one, as well as meeting and hearing lots more interesting talks !, you the man Sir Dave 🙂

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